Injured In A Car Accident?

Auto Accident Injury Treatment

If you are experiencing aches and pains after a car accident – even if it was a minor “fender bender” — it could be an indication that your spine has suffered damage. The human spine is actually a relatively delicate body part. Even the slightest bumps or bustle can cause it to go out of alignment. When this occurs, nerves can be pinched and pain can result.

When people fail to seek auto accident injury treatment, the minor aches and pains may eventually go away, but the underlying spinal damage may persist. This can result in chronic back pain that can show up months or even years later. Other future health problems can include arthritis and radicular symptoms.

Why You Should Seek Auto Accident Injury Treatment Immediately

If you don’t seek auto accident injury treatment as soon as possible after a car accident, permanent damage to your spine can result, potentially leading to a lifetime of chronic pain and discomfort.

Your local chiropractor has the diagnostic tools and clinical experience to evaluate your injuries and prescribe an auto accident injury treatment plan that will protect from pain in both the short- and the long-term.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment – Diagnosis

When you visit your chiropractor after an auto accident, one of the first things done will be to get a full medical history. This will help the chiropractor understand if any other conditions may be contributing to your neck or back pain, such as previous trauma, earlier illnesses, allergies or sensitivities, and others factors.

Your chiropractor typically will perform a physical examination of your spine and neck to determine if its natural alignment has been disrupted. Other diagnostic testing – such as x-rays, MRIs or ultrasounds – may also be ordered. All of these things will assist your chiropractor in developing the most effective auto accident injury treatment plan that is customized for your specific injury.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment –Options

Once the extent of your injuries have been assessed, the chiropractor will develop the best auto accident injury treatment plan that will both relieve your painful symptoms and address the underlying conditions that are causing the pain in the first place.

This treatment plan may include such things as chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation, physiotherapy, electric stimulation, ultrasound treatment, and other pain relief techniques.

One of the most common treatment options is spinal manipulation. This is when the chiropractor uses his or her hands to physically move the spine back into its proper alignment. This is performed by using a series of quick sharp movements that literally move the spine back into position.

In some instances, a single spinal manipulation is all the auto accident injury treatment the patient may require. In other cases, a series of adjustments over the course of days or weeks may be necessary. The benefit of using chiropractic auto accident injury treatment techniques such as these is that back pain can be relieved and spinal alignment can be corrected without the use of potentially dangerous drugs or back surgeries.

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