Get Quality Neck Pain Relief

There’s Nothing Funny about a Pain in the Neck

Having a literal pain in the neck can ruin your day and make it hard to do the things you normally do. Even getting out of bed in the morning can be painful, and attending work or playing with your children can cause pain to radiate through your entire spine. At Alexandria Spine & Rehab Center, our goal is to provide you with neck pain relief & treatment through a holistic approach using no dangerous medications or invasive surgical procedures. Our chiropractic experts can gently manipulate and massage your spine and shoulders to provide instant relief which often lasts for an extended period of time.

  • Neck pain can be caused by an injury, illness or from aging. As we age the nerves and discs in our vertebrae are worn or stressed which may lead to pain around the neck and shoulders.
  • We find the root of the problem and treat it at its source. We never try to hide it with pain medications or other unnecessary drugs.
  • Many patients report immediate relief from severe pain after a few visits, in fact some even report a major decrease in the level of pain after their first visit!
  • Dr. Kirzner has advanced experience treating pregnant women as well as offering chiropractic services for pediatrics. No matter the age, we can help you recover from your pain.

We welcome your questions, comments or concerns on our neck pain management as well as our chiropractic and massage services. Please don’t be afraid to contact us at your convenience. We’d be happy to discuss your pain during a free wellness consultation. In addition, you can get a free copy of Dr. Kirzner’s book just for signing up for a wellness consultation! We’re sure you can find some excellent insight to pain, its causes and how chiropractic treatments can help.